The decarbonICE™ Technology is a radical innovative carbon capture and storage (CCS) solution for reducing GHG emissions from the shipping industry with an estimate of 90 %. The concept is to freeze the CO2 in exhaust gas from a ship into dry ice powder. Cast the dry ice powder into streamlined ice blocks and discharge these into the deep-sea. Since the CO2 ice is heavier than water, it will decent to the seafloor, where it will penetrate the sediments and be stored permanently, primarily as CO2 hydrate.

CC-Ocean" Project in Partnership with "K" Line and ClassNK Part of Japan government initiative to support development of marine Resource Technologies. World's first marine-based demonstration test of CO2 capture to take place on "K" Line's coal carrier for Tohoku Electric. The project will identify potential risks, and conduct operability and safety evaluations to determine ongoing specifications

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