EU-MRV emissions

Analysis of data from the European Ship Emissions Monitoring and Validation Reporting System (MRV) published by EMSA.

Check the GHG emissions and fuel consumption of the fleet> 5,000 GT that calls in European ports.


Evolution of the prices of conventional HFO, VLSFO and MGO fuels and their comparison with the prices of LNG and electricity in Spain.

Monitoring of the secondary market of emission rights

Conventional bunker

Conventional bunker supply in Spanish ports

National LNG market

Analysis of the national demand and availability of the service in its different modes.

Global LNG fleet and STS operations

Location of the world fleet powered by LNG.

STS bunkering operations in the world.

National demand and other data of interest on the market.

Onshore Power Supply

Monitoring of the availability of infrastructures for the electrical connection to land of ships at international and national level.

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