LNG fleet location

Location of the world fleet that uses LNG as fuel in the last week, details of the vessels, bunkering operations and refueling of supply vessels at terminals.

Fuel price tool

Access to the alternative fuel price calculation tool developed by the Mærsk Mc-Kinney Møller Center for Zero Carbon Shipping


Tool for calculating LNG supply logistics chains

Developed in the CORE LNGas hive project, it allows estimating the cost of supplying LNG to ships expressed in €/MWh. The tool is based on the cost base parameterization obtained in the project, it also offers the user a characterized demand table to start the calculations.

Both costs and demand can be modified by the user.

The tool, developed in Excel, runs in a web environment.

OPS business plan simulator

Tools for calculating costs and returns, both economic and social, of the use of electricity in port.

The State Ports Public Body, within the activities carried out for the development of the OPS Master Plan in Spanish ports of special interest, offers a tool for evaluating the investments necessary for the implementation of the Onshore Power Supply system, which complemented by direct access to a similar tool developed by CE Delft for Dutch ports.

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