Alternative fuels

CORE LNGas hive

The project is developing an integrated, safe and efficient logistics and supply chain for LNG and renewable gases in the transport industry (small-scale and bunkering), in particular for maritime transport in the Iberian Peninsula.

LNG hive2

The 'LNG hive2' projects are the continuation of the 'hive2' institutional strategy that supports the deployment of LNG supply points in ports and the development of the associated market, promoted in Spain by the Ministry of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda through State Ports and with public-private participation.

European H2 Projects

The European Association of Natural Gas Transporters consolidates in a detailed dashboard the main European projects in the renewable hydrogen value chain with their location and main characteristics.


Access the NEXT GEN portal, a global collaborative ecosystem of shipping decarbonization initiatives sponsored by IMO and the Port Authority of Singapore

Electricity in port (OPS)

OPS Master Plan

Project led by State Ports to promote the electrification standards of the connections to the electrical network of the ships in call in the Spanish ports.


Study to develop a common harmonized and interoperable framework in the EU - from a technical, legal and regulatory point of view - for the transition to electrification of at least 16 of the EU seaports participating in the EALING consortium, facilitating the implementation phase of OPS infrastructures and equipment.


Framed in the WCPAP project for the development of sustainable ports at an international level, the Power-2-Ships working group seeks to promote the implementation and development of innovative solutions for the OPS.

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