• LNG Bunkering Spain
  • LNG Ports Spain
  • Evolution of Alternative Fuels
  • Detail of Alternative Fuels
LNG Bunkering Spain

The supply of LNG as marine fuel takes off in all its forms in 2023

Tons supplied in Spanish ports. Year 2023

LNG Ports Spain

11 of the 28 Spanish Port Authorities supplied LNG in 2023

LNG supplies port and mode. Tons, year 2023

Evolution of Alternative Fuels

Methanol is the second alternative fuel...

Existing fleet and new constructions for alternative fuel. Year 2023

Detail of Alternative Fuels

... although LNG remains the main alternative

Existing fleet, breakdown by vessel type and new constructions by alternative fuel. Year 2023

LNG remains the main alternative fuel in the world fleet in all categories, except in 'gas tankers' where LPG dominates.

This leadership situation is also maintained in new orders, although in 2023 new constructions prepared for the use of methanol have been launched.

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