First supply of Gas Agility to CMA CGM Jacques Saade in Rotterdam

12 November 2020

The LNG-powered CMA CGM Jacques Saade has marked a new milestone by starting its first LNG bunkering in Rotterdam. CMA CGM said it called the operation "the largest bunkering operation ever conducted for a container ship."

With a 18,600 cubic meter tank, CMA CGM Jacques Saade is being supplied with LNG while loading unloading operations are carried out (SIMOPS). The supply operation is being carried out by Gas Agility, the largest LNG supply ship in the world. Gas Agility is operated by the French company Total, which has an agreement with CMA CGM to supply 300,000 tons of LNG fuel per year over a period of ten years.

Once refueling is complete, CMA CGM Jacques Saade will continue his maiden voyage, which began in China after he joined the fleet on September 22.

The supply vessel GAS AGILITY was assisted by two tugs in the hauling maneuver

The CMA CGM Jacques Saade is the first of nine 23,000 TEU LNG containerships commissioned by CMA CGM in 2017. Seven of those ships have so far been delivered by the shipyard. The vessels are operated by the French Asia Line (FAL 1) which connects Asia with Europe, providing a weekly service comprising 13 calls for 84 days.

"The energy transition is underway at CMA CGM. As of today, our flagship runs on liquefied natural gas," "By 2022, our LNG-powered fleet will be 26 units. Through this initiative we are directly addressing the environmental challenges we face. In addition to being reliable, LNG is the best technology available to significantly improve air quality and contribute to the fight against global warming."

Rodolphe Saadé, President and CEO of the CMA CGM Group.

CMA CGM said today that it now anticipates having 26 LNG containers of various sizes by 2022 in its fleet. While not carbon-free, LNG is seen as a lower-carbon option that helps the shipping industry meet stricter sulfur emissions targets and a transitional fuel that will help the shipping industry meet its targets. carbon neutrality aspirations by 2050.


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