Maersk Secures Green E-Methanol for World's First Container Ship to Run on Carbon Neutral Fuel

19 August 2021

AP Moller - Maersk has identified its partners to produce green fuel for its first ship that will run on carbon-neutral methanol: REintegrate, a subsidiary of the Danish renewable energy company European Energy.

REintegrate and European Energy will establish a new Danish facility to produce the approximately 10,000 tonnes of carbon-neutral electric methanol that the first Maersk vessel with the capacity to operate on green electronic methanol will consume annually. Maersk will work closely with REintegrate and European Energy in the development of the facility.

"This type of partnership could become a model for how to scale green fuel production through collaboration with partners across the industry ecosystem, and will provide us with valuable experiences as we progress on our journey to decarbonize supply chains." supply to our customers. Supplying the fuels of the future is a major challenge, and we have to be able to scale production in time."

Henriette Hallberg Thygesen
General Director of Fleet and Strategic Brands, AP Moller - Maersk

"This agreement with European Energy/REintegrate brings us to fulfill our ambition of having the world's first container ship running on carbon-neutral methanol in water by 2023," says Henriette Hallberg Thygesen, CEO of Fleet & Strategic Brands, AP Moller-Maersk.

The methanol plant will use renewable energy and biogenic CO2 to produce the e-methanol. Fuel production is expected to start in 2023.

The energy required for ethanol production will be supplied by a solar park in Kassø, southern Denmark.

REintegrate has a proven track record of producing eco-friendly ethanol with a testing laboratory in Aalborg. The new plant will be its third ethanol facility, as it is also building an ethanol plant in Skive that will be commissioned in 2022.

"We are proud to be involved in the first large-scale ethanol production in Denmark. Although renewable energy is becoming more common in the energy mix of electricity consumption, this is one of the first steps in heavy transport towards the use of "100% renewable energy. This agreement marks a milestone on the path towards the ecological transition in the maritime transport sector."

Knud Erik Andersen
Managing Director of European Energy

Although the renewable energy will be produced in southern Jutland, it has not yet been decided where in Denmark the methanol energy conversion facility will be located.

Maersk announced the dual fuel vessel, an industry first, in February 2021. In June, Maersk announced that Hyundai Mipo shipyards will build the 2,100 TEU feeder vessel.

Maersk secures green e-methanol for the world's first container vessel operating on carbon neutral fuel

The world's first methane feeder will be 172 meters long and is expected to join the Maersk fleet in mid-2023. It will sail on the network of Sealand Europe, a Maersk subsidiary, on the North Baltic sea route. Europe and the Bay of Bothnia. It will carry the Danish flag.


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