More than a quarter of all tonnage under construction will use alternative fuels

November 30, 2021

Clarkson Research Services has provided subscribers with a snapshot of the number of ships - both those on the market today and those under construction - that do not use conventional fuels. Notably, in terms of tonnage, more than a quarter of all ships being built today do not use petroleum derivatives for their propulsion, according to the new research.

Clarkson's data shows that alternative fuels are currently used in 3.5% of the current fleet and 27% of the order book by tonnage (see table below). By a considerable distance, LNG is the most popular alternative fuel at the moment, followed by LPG, but there are a growing number of alternative fuel vessels under construction, such as 13 ethane-powered vessels.

"Alternative fuels are gaining ground"

"The case for LNG as a legitimate 'stepping stone' to meeting emissions targets is supported by investment in port facilities"

Stephen Gordon, CEO of Clarkson Research Services

Clarksons now lists 124 ports with LNG bunkering facilities, up from 114 at the beginning of the year and forecasts that will rise to 170 by 2022. Clarksons also projects that the LNG bunkering fleet will double in the next two years.


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