New multi-fuel fuel cell 02-10-2020

A prototype fuel cell that will be able to use different fuels - including green ammonia and LNG - will be tested at Norway's Sustainable Energy center before being installed on an Odfjell chemical tanker.

The main partners in the project are Odfjell, fuel cell technology specialist Prototech, Wärtsilä and Lundin Energy Norway.

"Our tests show a CO2 reduction of up to 40-45% when using LNG, compared to current solutions. The increased efficiency and reduced fuel consumption also provide significant cost savings, and the ship will be able to sail for much longer with the same amount of energy.

The system will also be ready to operate completely emission-free from locations where, for example, ammonia is available for fueling,"

Bernt Skeie, CEO of Prototech.

The technology also allows direct capture of CO2, which will be another alternative for emission-free operation when logistics for CO2 management are available.

The high energy efficiency and flexibility of the technology will enable a significant reduction in emissions from the outset by using the infrastructure currently available for LNG - while also preparing for emissions-free operation in line with the development of the infrastructure for sustainable fuels in the future.

"Ships must be operated for 20-30 years, and we need flexible solutions that can meet future emissions requirements. We don't have time to wait, we have to think about zero emissions now."

Erik Hjortland, Chief Technology Officer, Odfjell SE

The fuel cell project is one of the paths we are following. We focus on machinery instead of focusing on just one type of fuel. "Fuel cell technology gives us flexibility that ensures environmentally efficient operation, regardless of fuel changes that may occur in the years to come."

To date, the project has received funding from Gassnova, NFR, and the project partners themselves.

For more information contact:

Erik Hjortland, VP Technology, Odfjell: Tel: +47 416 96013
Bernt Skeie, CEO, Prototech: Tel: +47 950 46 031
Ingve Sørfonn, Technology Director, Wärtsilä: Tel: +47 957 32 581
Arnljot Skogvang, Facilities Lead Alta Gohta Development, Lundin Energy Norway: Tel: +47 474 53 848


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