Scale Gas orders 12,500 cbm LNG bunkering vessel

December 18, 2023

Leading Chinese shipbuilder Nantong CIMC SOE has signed a contract for the construction of a 12,500 cbm LNG bunkering vessel with Enagás subsidiary Scale Gas.

The vessel, with an LNG bunkering capacity of 12,500 cbm, will be delivered in late 2025.

The vessel is designed to meet the growing demand for green and efficient solutions in the maritime sector. The ship will reportedly feature electric propulsion, aligning with the industry's push toward reducing carbon emissions.

Founded in 2017, Scale Gas develops and manages small-scale LNG infrastructure. Scale Gas and Norwegian ship operator Knutsen Group launched their first LNG bunkering barge, Haugesund Knutsen, earlier this year. The vessel, chartered by Shell Spain and built by Astilleros Armón Gijón, it operates in the Port of Barcelona.


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