SHELL obtains the LNG supply license in Gibraltar
Shell has obtained an LNG bunkering license from the Gibraltar government, which will allow the oil company to develop a range of LNG bunkering services in Gibraltar.

"I am pleased to see that Shell has been successful in its application and welcome the confidence that Shell continues to place in Gibraltar with the completion of its application,"

Vijay Daryanani, Minister of Ports of Gibraltar.

The minister added that SHELL's future work is in line with the "aspiration to keep Gibraltar at the forefront of developments in the bunkering sector and to strengthen our position as a bunkering centre." The Chief Minister, the Honorable Fabian Picardo QC MP, intervened to say that Shell's entry as a key player in the LNG bunker demonstrates Gibraltar's progressive approach to developing the maritime industry as well as embarking on the transition to cleaner fuels. and reduce environmental impact.

As reported by SHELL in his Web page, deliveries will normally take place at the western anchorage, where all other ship provisioning operations are currently taking place in Gibraltar. LNG refueling operations will not take place at the port or from the North Mole LNG terminal that SHELL regularly supplies with a 15-day frequency.

The company claims that LNG bunkering is very safe, as SHELL has carried out more than 250 operations around the world. SHELL has more than 50 years of experience in the handling, storage and transportation of LNG. Fueling can only be carried out when highly trained professionals are in charge of operations. High industry standards must also be incorporated and followed to ensure safe operations.


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